Enumerator's GTA V Pixel 1.1


GTA V Serial RGB LED Display Software.

How to use:
1: Connect Arduino Nano
2: Make sure your source is set to the right COMPORT
3: Press '.' (PERIOD) key in game to use.

NeoPixel Lib
24 led ino / DLL source
144 led ino / DLL source

I'm sure you smart arses know how to use this ;)
All the required source to get up and testing with 24RGB LED Addressables, Can be extended just by editing a few numbers.

Comes with 24 LED Serialport Pixel check () in sequence.

Library included and .INO also.
Put the library folder inside your arduino IDE/Library folder (restart arduino)
OPEN .ino. upload to your embeded devices.

This software will be highly updated over the coming weeks so please stay tuned.

This application uses scripthookv and scripthookvdotnet

The main purpose for this software is so that you can use my implementation of RGBLED's using Surface Mount Devices with addressable index.

I am also selling devices that comes along with this software if you're interested.
Please view video to the right to understand what this is used for instead of thumbing down for no reason.

This software is specific to serial communication only.
It does not modify the game in any way other than fetch values to display on the SMD RGB LED RING.

Please leave a comment if you're interested or add me to skype

If you purchase this device from me, It will include:
2: Arduino Nano
3: Backup.ino
4: [.NET] Source Code

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